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Welp might as well say this somewhere, why not here? So I really like this non-binary person but their already in a relationship, the dud is like, super traditional and they already have that one ring that comes before a promise ring and my mental heath is deteriorating because ever since they came into my like I haven’t been as depressed but because there so wonderful I like them im being depressed again. Like family abuse was 1 thing but now my love life is shit. Got any advice? Depression coping methods would be nice too. Also know any good way a homeschooled dumb fuck can make friends?

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Hii, thank you for sharing what you are going through here.
Firstly, I’ve been in love with a person too who loved someone else. It affected me really badly so I know how that feels. It affected me for more than a year but honestly, please don’t let this get to you. It’s not worth it. It might seem like you won’t like someone else ever but that’s not true. You will. You will meet new people and you will like someone else again. The power that this person holds over you will go away one day, I can assure you that.
Secondly, I think a great way to make friends would be to connect with people over similar interests like music, movies, life etc. Maybe on social media or here on Now&Me…


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