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Olivia @honestly

well today my story is not as exciting as usual but here it goes when I was younger I was bullied by a couple of younger and older kids he called me ugly, disgusting , drools a lot and
the other kid told me to shut the fuck up. I always wondered why they were so mean too me then I realized maybe it’s because I always listened to the teacher and did what I was told. never fooled around according to another kid I was a goody too shoes so that’s why they bullied me but I could be wrong. my brother is like that bully he is disrespectful to others doesn’t have any boundaries and hits my mom. last time he hit her in the chest , punched my dad in the face and threatened to murder my mom. I almost had an anxiety attack my chest was hurting and I was crying and wanted to go back to the group home. I try to help him to make sure he is okay tell him to call me am so over protective of him but not anymore he did this to himself he causes all this trouble and whatever happens happens. I feel like am a bad role model I don’t want him to be like other people take the wrong path I don’t like him but am scared for him.

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Sneha Anand @sneha08

It really give me chills reading what you’ve experienced and I can’t even imagine what you and your parents went through. My heart goes out to you and your family.
Bullying is something which so so morally wrong and I really hope that our next generation doesn’t follow this idiotic and stupid culture. I am really so inspired by how you’ve tackled everything and I really don’t think you’re any bit of a wrong role model.
You’re way more stronger what you think of yourself to be.
Take care. 🌻


You are not a bad role model,you’re doing the best you can. If you need to call the police, because even though he’s a kid, that ain’t OK to threaten someone with their life. Check out some abuse resources and maybe mental health place. Sorry if this is scary or unhelpful, IDK what to do! Just know you’re a good person, OK? And you’re not alone :)

Olivia @honestly

Thank you😉 that means alot coming from a stranger


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