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Well there’s a guy i had a crush on and i still do. He’s really good looking and he’s a good human too but it’s just that he’s not my type. I feel like he knows that i have a crush on him as i have made that obvious by acting shy in front of him and i think he likes me too. We both have not taken any steps yet… We just talk casually through texts everyday. As I overthink a lot, i was thinking what if he does something like tells me his feelings… What will I do ??? I don’t want to hurt him but i have already given him hints of me having a crush on him and now if i reject him he will be hurt
And most of all I don’t even know if i am ready to be in a relationship. Sometimes I think of ghosting him but again I don’t want to hurt him as in the start i was one who has given him so much attention and now ghosting him would really not be a good option.
I don’t know if i like him or not because there are Times when i want to be with him and again there are Times when it feels so weird

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its not love neither some sort of attraction, he’s just a timepass for u.

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Gradually interest in the other person decreases if it happens to be your crush. You aren’t in love with that person or else ghosting him wouldn’t have come on your mind. You don’t wanna hurt him that’s your nature of being kind to him and respect his feelings. But its better if you discuss this with him. He wouldn’t be hurt now but if things go further then it would be difficult for him.

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ART(arthur) @art2574t

If you’re uncertain of your feelings towards him. Then don’t do anything until or unless you decide something. And if he happens to confess first, then simply tell him the truth about how you’re feeling and like you said you aren’t ready for a relationship. It will hurt him but only once rather faking something in order to not hurt him…


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