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well sometimes i feel sad or confused or just lonely in a way and well sometimes i feel like crying i sometimes text some old friends to hang out but they always she they are busy or they dont want to and well it sucks and sometimes i talk to my self because im lonely and well i dont want to be lonely and u cry alot sometimes i search up dogs that are dying and i just cry i dont know why i do that stuff sometimes i feel that im going crazy or someting sometimes i just want to feel love you know ? i know i am not the only one who feels that everyday i know but this is how i feel and well it sucks and well sometimes when im in my house i look at my mom and well i hug her and well then i get sad because i know one day she going to die and my dad to and well i just cry because well my mom and dad are only the ones who love me and well im afraid when they pass way who going to love me it just sucks you know an sometimes i act like a little 5 year old and well im only 16 year old i think i act this well because im autism and i have adhd i dont know maybe but sometimes i’ll do anything for my mom or dad or brother to see them happy i will clean i will massage there feet so they will not feel street i will tell them i love them so much and well deep down im dying inside and well i just i dont know anymore but yeah umm i remember when i was small people used to make fun of me the way i spoke andthe way i look because well i wasn’t that smart you see and well i was bully but i always but on a smile and well i look in this world and well is just sad because us human have suffer alot everybody black whites mexican asian everything we all suffer but these people take advantage because they think they are better maybe there are but is not right we all have a purpose in life god made us to be equal to love to care to help to sovle not to start wars or be slaves or anything evil no god didnt made us to be that way the devil did but maybe some of us are going to think if god loves us then why he letting the devil do this well i dont blame u guys to be mad but maybe this what i think maybe is a test to see if we live this way in war or anything evil we going to do i think he wants us to choose what is really worth it to live in pain or to be happy and stop all of this pure evil shit this what i think but i can be wrong but i was never the smart guy or cute guy somtimes i was the weird one but it all good but yeah there so much i wanna say but yeah

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Hi, sorry to hear about your loneliness and worries. I suspect I have autism, and also adhd. For us it can be much more difficult to make friends and it can be hurtful to not be able to understand or be understood by other people.

While we may be pretty alone, you are not alone in this. Im sending strength. I think everyone acts like a child sometimes, but you seem mature to me. We are lovable with flaws.

Weird is ok. We don’t have to all be the same. Some people are mean about differences because they’re insecure about their own.

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Bullying can be very hurtful and impair your future social ties, but you are strong, smart and didn’t give up, or do what they did to you. Ivm proud of you!

I hope you find someone whom you have things in common with and can be friends with. Im here if you want to talk.


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