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Well recently I have hurt someone and now I feel bad and guilty about it, but before I’ve always been nice to that person and no matter how bad they treated me, I’ve always tolerated and forgiven that person. The person always behaved or treated me nicely when they had work from me or they simply were alone and needed someone to talk to. But I simply lost my patience to tolerate that kind of treatment so I simply started ignoring that person to avoid conversation or to feel stupid. Things they have done to me in the past were as such

- always ignored me when I needed help or wanted to casually talk to them
- I didn’t have the liberty to call them, only they called me when they wanted to or during calls they just muted the conversation to avoid talking to me anymore
- we were job colleges but I had to work according to them whether it suited me or not and if I’d say anything I was simply told that " people have their own problems too so I need to understand"
- They treated me like a puppet, and someone of no importance, I was only needed because of my skills in designing.

Recently I started treating that person the same way they treated me in the past so now that person is so hurt that they now refuse to work with me anymore and no I feel like I am a very bad person, maybe I am but I was fed up of being treated like that and simply wanted some respect in return of respect which I always served them with.

I have no interest in talking back to them or doing my job with them as I have plenty of other places to go to and life will move on no matter what.

All I wanted to know is, that am I right or am I wrong to treat them like they treated me.

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Lady bee @ladybee

I totally understand you, I am doing the exact same thing to this person …and once I put it I their face they act like they don’t treat u that way 🙄 I get hurt more then they do, ONLY Because we the type of ppl that don’t hurt or mistreat others cuz our hearts are soo big and we just love ppl …I feel like I never win …so what to do when u wanna keep that relationship… at the end my point is…it sucks to feel bad and guilty for the things we are tired to be treated as…im sorry u going through something like this…🙏 hope things work for the better for u …take care


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