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Well, not sure how to start this and not needed to post this here. But just being curious to know, if I’m feeling and thinking this straight.

So back to more than a decade, started falling for a girl who was like everything to me, eventually we got into a relationship, where we knew it gonna end some day abruptly. But yeah, we were immature, at least I was. But were madly in love, blinded by false hopes. And after quite a few years, time has come and got parted, way more than we expected.

By the time we broke up, I was already in a different city, just after a year or so, she got married. And I was moving to places out of studies, work and mostly living alone, almost drifted to depression.

But, somehow I was out of everything, became stronger than ever almost stoic. Had been in relationships but for short to very short times, not able to show love that how they expect.

After few years we happened to get in touch with eachother, she still being the same, showering feelings for me. Unfortunately, her marriage isn’t in a very state, unsupportive husband, not so friendly in laws. I was the only support for her to vent out all these.

Eventually, I helped her to accept everything happening around her and lead strongly towards life. Couple of years later, she is strong to hold her things together, has a progressive job, being good with her family. Although, she has still the same feelings on me, which seems to be stay forever.

Now, me being stoic for all these years, started missing her very badly sometimes. Not sure, if this is because I’m single for a while now or I really miss being with her.

I have mastered acceptance and ignorance over all these years and now starting to be emotional again, which I don’t want to.

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