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well, it’s my first time here. and I actually was searching through the web on how can I talk to someone about what’s going on with me because yes I have people surrounding me but they’re really not there… I’m currently having trouble with my mom because of how feminist she is and other problems and I just want to move out so bad. My dad died 5 years ago and so who I call my mom is actually my grandmother because my biological mom left me and my siblings when we were small. So home is literally hell hearing over and over again the pain they go through because of my dad’s death and I have to try to ignore it because I can’t show anybody how broken I am. I’m just tired of my toxic household and the pain they have been putting me in physically and mentally throughout the years. I’m just tired. They’re always telling me that I don’t work for anything they always remind me how ugly I am, and their only response to problems is violence and anger. I work and have school and do not understand how stress I am. I just want to leave. They don’t know a lot about me on how I almost got raped when I was 5, or how I had suicidal thoughts when I was 11 -13, they never really said “I love you” or hugged me for love if it wasn’t a congratulations hug. All the achievements I’ve made were to make them proud but that’s not enough for them, they just want more and more from me. I’m just done with everything.

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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant

Really sorry for what you have been going through… It is not easy enough to deal with this kind of stuff every day. Stay strong. Work for yourself. Don’t let those people affect your mental health as you’re doing great in your life. As you said you’re working and studying, it is more than what you’re doing. As you said you were achieving things in your life, work for more just for your satisfaction. Just for yourself. It shouldn’t be for impressing someone or fulfilling someone else’s expectations. Just Live for yourself and grow in your life and career. Wish you very good luck and feel free to talk over here whenever you want.

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Simran @st1199

Grandmother would have an orthodox thinking because they were raised like that and she will not change her thinking now. It’s difficult for her to adapt to your generation.
I am sorry for what all you are going through, but you’ll pass through this. It seems impossible but it does. Everyone comes out of something one time or the another. Your time will come too. :)

Just ignore what they are saying. Don’t let their thinking ruin your mental well being, okay? This is the most effective way. Not letting someone control your mind, you’ll feel much better and in a better position. It will definitely take time but you will pass through it. I too ignore things which I know will make my mood worse and effect my wellbeing.

I say this to you. What you have achieved and how far you have come through is commendable and I am Proud of You. You’ll make yourself proud every time and when you look back you will cherish your journey and how you have tackled everything and moved forward. 💜


I have gone through the same phase…i was sexually harassed by the one who i thought was my friend…not one but kept on showing me vulgar parts of his body and other one touched me at some parts…that time i was 11 years…i didnt know what was going on but now that i think of it what was happening with me was wrong…i hope girls feel secure…you too stay strong…we can do it


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