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Well, I’m just really frustrated. This may sound stupid but my friend wants everything I have. Everyone I’ve had a thing with, she starts talking to them. I brought her on a date with me and now she is dating the guy. I think that she talks to them about me behind my back because they just act different around me now. Anything I say, it’s like she doesn’t care. If I say something it’s as if it’s always a debate and she just makes me feel so stupid. We always argue and when I try and say something about it, she flips it around and makes everything seem like my fault. I live right next to her and I’ve known her all my life, so I can’t just ignore it. I see her everyday and in some ways I have been fake but I can’t take it anymore! I feel like crying and it’s making me crazy and I don’t know what to do

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The first thing I would like to say is, DONT EXPECT ANYTHING FROM ANYONE. You are feeling the pain just because she is not behaving as per your expectations. So do a first thing don’t expect anything from her. Secondly, don’t give your keys of happiness to her, for example: let say her name is Samara and you are Arham, so now the situation is that, Arham feels bad when Samara ignores him or doesn’t behave the way Arham wants. In this case Arham is giving his keys of happiness to Samara which is completely wrong. You are an independent person, you are strong and self-sufficient and I trust you and your abilities. So from today, every morning get up, look into the mirror and say that, I am the strongest person in this world and today’s day is most luck and the happiest day of my life! Just be happy and stay happy!

Your True Friend,


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