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Well i’m just a regular teenager trying to live life i guess This covid thing has really messed with me having to stay home all day long is kinda crazy i miss going to school yk hanging out with my friends my parents are very strict im not allowed to go out with my friends wich sucks they don’t like any of them i dunno they say there bad influences ig you could say they are but i mean they’re my friends they’ve been there through thick and thins i got into huge fight with my dad he’s not talking to me he disowned be as his daughter my mom is trying to be there for me my sibling have to constantly remind me what a bad sister i am my sister hates me she sais she doesn’t get why my mom is trying to be there for me when i don’t deserve it my brother says i’m just rotten inside i’m not really mean or anything i’m just going through stuff in life yes i argue with them but that doesn’t mean i should be treated this way i dunno what to do tbh they’re really nobody that i can actually talk to witch sucks it’s just me and my feelings

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Simran @st1199

I too missed going college and talking to friends and want change from this pandemic. Your parents being strict right now is understandable as it’s not safe going out which you like to.
Sometimes, parents do know who is good for us and who isn’t. The way we are depends upon the surrounding we are exposed to. If your parents think that your attitude/behaviour is changing because of their influence and you even feel that it’s not right to be like this (THINK CAREFULLY) then change your circle. School life is just a starting of making friends and it doesn’t guarantee lifetime friendship. I hope you are understanding my point. :)

It happens between siblings because we get angry or we know our thing is not being fulfilled and everything and anything. I too fight and we both say to our mom that you take the other person’s side and that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve. Obviously if you are at fault you should accept it. It get’s over in some time and we are back to laughing and fighting again.

We need to actually ignore some things in life in order to be at peace. Everything can’t work according to us, right? And one has to accept the way it is and work accordingly so that disappointment doesn’t comes our way.


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