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well Idk why but these days I feel like the person I thought was my best friend doesn’t really think of me as their best friend and don’t have much time for me either, I am just looking for someone to talk to cuz most people I talk to, we talk a lot at the beginning but then they get bored maybe, and I feel like they don’t wanna talk to me as much as I do, I have two or three friends but they are kinda busy, what I want is someone i can share with what I did today and things I love like anime, kpop or share songs we love with each other and stuff like that

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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant

Feel free to share, if you like!
And its really good that you are giving your friends some time on their own and choosing other options for you to talk to people.
Very good initiative to try reaching out to the community!


hey I LOVE KPOP more like bts exo monsta x txt ect im here what your fav song what ur fave color


sorryy for the late reply, I love bts , monsta x tooo and mostly girl groups i think lol, i dont’t have a fav song but rn I have been listening to my my by seventeen a lottttttt and my fav colour would be red

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