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Someone @a_n_ynomous1675

Well I miss someone so badly but he is focused in building future for him self and I can’t tell him about my feelings cuz we are now good friends and he is elder than me… We started talking on the note of bro and sis but cuz i never thought that he will be so adoring… Now messed up in this confusion… he himself said let’s have unnamed relationship… Stay with each other but he sometimes use my name. As a sis … And I am fade up of that

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That’s really complicated and painful


Dose he have feelings for u?

Someone @a_n_ynomous1675

Don’t know he gives me mixed signals sometimes our chats are so intense when we talk that I can’t even show them to anyone… i mean everyone will think we are in a relationship but we aren’t…

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Dami @samlikealways

Well you yourself are saying na that you miss him and are fed up that he calls sis. So take a step. Now lets say you are living in 2030 and with a man that you didn’t want to be with. You’ll regret that you didnt tell this man back in 2021 what you felt. So rather regretting this thing later take a step now. Tell him how you feel. What worse could happen ? You are back in 2030 but with no regrets right?
Anyways, life is too short my friend to not do what you felt like doing today. Just tell him. And being a guy let me tell you one thing, if i am into you i will balance my career and time with you. He will too.

Someone @a_n_ynomous1675

Thanks i was even kind of thinking but didn’t wanted to ruin what we have… But you know you gave me guts … Even he gives me mixed signals… Well we aren’t bro and sis by blood you r right atleast not telling him feelings i can deny 1st the relation of bro and sis… Thanks for advice dude

Dami @samlikealways

No i get you are not bro or sis. Thats just a slang mostly in conversations. I dont think that should be even your concern to be honest. People call each other bro and sis a lot and still end up together.
You would have to think here how important it is to you to get him in your life more than a friend or just keep a friendship with him and never tell him. Prioritise one.
If you think telling him is important then go ahead. Believe me its better than regret. And if he really cares for you, he will stay even if he says no for a relationship. Just close your eyes, take a deep breath and say what you feel. Its gonna be worth it.


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