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well I have an ex who he and his sister started lying on me about a few weeks after I dumped him and gave my number to grown man who called to ask about it on a private number. But I can’t tell my mom because then she will tell my cousins who stay in his grandmothers house across the street. It sucks. It really does because this would have been my first official relationship then it turned around to be just another toxic and unhealthy situation. That has caused me to be stressed, to relapse back to my old depressive, anxious, and stressed out ways and honestly I am tired of feeling like I left for the right reasons and still did something wrong. However, if this relationship has taught me anything is to never doubt myself or my intuition, never some one take me back to a place I came from, never to beg for the bare minimum, and never trust a persons words if their actions show differently.

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Simran @st1199


Happy to see that you have learned things from the past and don’t wish to go back there again.

For the current situation, talk to those who gave your number, and if the XYZ person is texting you just tell him straight up and block him for the best. He won’t be able to get in touch with you. If your ex still doesn’t stop, just to scare him tell him that you too can do something if it doesn’t stop. You are not doing it because you don’t wish to lower your standards like him.


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