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Well… i got to know that my dad os an hiv + due to some extra marital affairs and even my mom is +… you know the answer… well b’coz of my dad…
They have hidden this fact from me over years… i have known this now recently…
My parents don’t know that i have found this hidden truth… i am unable to decide if i should ask them face to face or just let it remain burroed for ever…

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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant


Hey, this is a very big thing. And if you feel comfortable and if its bothering you inside that you know for a fact that this is the truth and you can talk to them, maybe together or first to your mother/father.
Its your own choice, its really hard I understand but when things are penetrating deep in your mind, its better to look for the right time and express them rather than burying them.


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