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horse @sheeesh

Well i am having kind of a fomo ig. I feel left out. Like last year I pushed my friends away coz i had a really bad breakup and i needed some time for myself. After that i got with them and i did make up to them as i was not there for them when i was on a break. They seem to have lost interest in me and they even hung out without even asking me assuming that i won’t join them. I told them that i was mad at them coz i wanted a WE time with them and when i saw the photos of everyone together but not me it really hurt me.

Long on that story, on their birthdays i gave them pretty presents whereas on mine they didn’t give me anything. They just came to me and said kya chahiye hm khareed dengy. I felt so hurt like dude a cupcake couldn’t have been that difficult to buy. And now they are all excited to buy presents for a guy who actually is super rude to me and i do reciprocate but he’s disgusting. We belong to the same group of friends so whenever I greet him with a handshake he is like do it with my dick and it disgusts me and i make it evident. I am 18 and not a virgin so he thinks its cool n funny to do this. I’m just disgusted and hurt

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Askaa! @aska

You need new set of friends, there are billions of people you’ll find your tribe soon!!


Treat yourself as your first priority. They are not the friends for life . Stop wasting your time on such friends & start exploring new things that makes you happy . Nobody wants such friends who just want to time pass with you .
1. Start going out alone
2. Buy things for yourself so that you can feel better
3. Pursue a new hobby
4. Write your emotions

Aftersome time you will understand that now you have learned how to utilise your time effective & stay away from toxic people

Last wait for time the day they need you they will be there like nothing happened ever


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