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Well…I am confused about how i feel about my relationship with my boyfriend, its been 3 years and i do not vibe with him or connect to him… he wouldn’t listen to me of what i speak of my interest and he is one person with no interest at all… while we meet we just be on phone and talk to less and his job, lockdown and my post graduation have left us no time to talk to each other and i feel better and less restricted when i dont talk to him… he just in this realtionship because he is in love but i dont think that is enough… he has recently lost his dad and that makes things more difficult he does not talk at all or meet at all but he wants to be in relationship and i am quiet confused about what are we and what can i do for this…

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I think you should talk to him about this. I mean if there is nothing spark left then being together is of no use but if u both love each other then atleast sort things out. This kind of things happen in each relationship and the couple who actually want to work it out they do by talking and sharing feelings with each other. Well thats my opinion. Be happy thats i want to say


Every relationship has a rough time. Remember why you guys got into the relationship in the first place. If there’s love, problems can be handled. And plus getting over problems, solving them, taking care of your partner, these are what makes the relationship amazing and special. So talk to him about how you feel. It’ll be okay.


Hey! I am really sorry to hear about your bf’s dad. my deepest condolences. Now talking about your situation i think you just have to take all your courage together and talk to him. You said you guys are in a relationship for 3 years now and it is very normal for many people to grow in different personalities or we all grow mature with time but if you guys want to work this out then first I would suggest that you communicate what you are missing what you need in this relationship you said he doesn’t listen when you talk. ask him if he is alright… if he is then why isn’t he paying attention when you’re talking. If you both are uninterested then its better to end it and if you guys want this to work then you need to talk about what is missing and what is that which is not working out. You know I always say love can fade after a certain time but the partnership is good then it can last ages…so help each other make a good partner!


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