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Well hi it’s real nice day today it’s hot but with a breeze it father’s day it’s my first one without my dad so I’m doing what I did after I lost my mom a year ago I go and do something I use to do with them I talk to them I hope they can hear me.
I wish things were different but there not so I’m handling this as good as I can with being alone now I’m trying to make alot of changes in my life I’m looking for a new job where I can be around alot more positive people.
It seems to be hard people seem to like to be angry and negative so I’m not gona bring that in my life anymore Today is very emotional day for me but I think I’ll be fine with writing daily now.


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Hey more power to you …
And postive vibes surround you …
All the best fighter 👍🏼

so proud of you! you sound like a really cool guy and I hope you receive the positivity you radiate! sending you love from across the seas x

I’ve just read quite a few of your “thoughts” and you seem lovely. work on open communication and taking time to yourself! I wish you all the best in life. keep smiling and have a wonderful, wonderful life :)