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Well fuck… I’ve just lost my reason to fight… try to talk about how someone actions make me feel and how to try and make them easier but because I used the term “kind of a bit abusive” (it was a behaviour even the police said is rather manipulative and abusive) (she would threaten to end it if I asked for time for me) whilst explaining, I’ve lost my relationship. I swear all I get is misunderstood or abused. Struggling to see the point of continuing. Lost my friends because of her behaviour and pushed myself away from my family. I can’t deal with this anymore. I’ve been struggling for months, been beaten and even had to call the police before New Years. Just don’t want to exist anymore…

Post anonymously?

Hey. I’m extremely sorry to hear that. But I know you’re extremely stressed and will surely make through it too. Don’t worry, you got this!!!
I still feel that there’s someone who can help you better:

Find a reason to fight. It’s hard but I believe in you. You have more strength than you think and more bravery than you know. My suggestion? If you don’t have anybody, move. Find a place you belong and where people love you, because people will love you and some already do. In the wise words of Captain America “if you get hurt, hurt em back. If you get killed… walk it off.” I believe in you. You just gotta keep going. hugs you

also, don’t give up. you deserve so much more than you have rn. Stay strong and stay safe mate