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We were so united like a family. We were a huge family. Surprisingly this family no longer exists.

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Deepanshi @deepanshigupta0


I can feel you. Time change everything, the one who was with you that time may not be today with you. I guess it happens with most of us. We stay like a happy family till school, but afterwards we all get busy with our lives, our future, and no body give a damm to take time for loved ones.Β 
But i even feel we miss our friends and wish to take some time for each other. But till then distance became the problem, we often assumes he /she might be busy. That’s how we loose our family. ?

Khushboo @khushboo


Same is my case. In high school,Β  we were United like a team and more like a family . We used to make each day special in it’s own way. That were the best memories.
Soon the high school got over, we were separated by every one. The family broke into pieces and doesn’t exist anymore. No one takes initiative to talk to others. Just busy in their own way.


1)find out the reason
2)keep in touch with atleast all who u used to get along with
3)dont bombard them with questions just talk casually about how theyr doing and al
4)and u keep in touch… no matter what…with everyone who is willing to
5)later in one mont or somthing when ull get comfertable then try to understand everyons openion and theyr thoughts about why they dont want to be together
rest u can talk to ur parents and sort it out
communication is the key


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