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We were online friends,he was kind of guy who used to think that something like love doesn’t exists and girls are for men to use them and throw them,just because some girl broke his heart in high school and now he no longer believed in love,we were good friends for 6months he used to talk to me every single day but sometimes he got angry all of sudden and used to say hurtful things and then say sorry next day and agree that he made a mistake and u wonder why he did that I mean he could have left me there hurting,he misbehaved with me like two times first time I was like it’s okay but when he did it for second time I was already catching feelings for him since he always used his words full of honey and it made me attracted towards him but when he misbehaved with for the second time I was like I won’t be able to save myself and told him let’s end our friendship because I’m catching feelings for u and he was like yeah sure I also rlly don’t want to break your heart,it’s been two months since our friendship ended and today here I’m missing him even tho he was toxic Idk what’s wrong with me and I rlly don’t if he liked me or not but I liked him and he knew that

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Move on it will hurt you otherwise. Do some productive things and sleep on time.
Sending love :)

Chiranjeevi @chiranjeevi

Too much pain…


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