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We regret it when we lose someone we loved.
But remember always one thing.
“If the relation is not productive, it’s not for you”
Some people will say i am being mean.
But that’s true. You don’t need someone who uses and then says “I love you”
Always be with someone who believes in growth, believes in opportunities.
One who will always standby you and just say one thing in bad times “WE GOT THIS”

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Hey my friend,
I feel real love is the unconditional love, tht’s no matter what he does you love him because love is not defined like the human psychology. It is not a give and take process. Its just a giving process. We must love someone based on their personality, skills, etc and not according to our taste. Love is only accepting a person along with his or her imperfections. You can try to correct that person if you think he is going on wrong path but you should never try to change his personality. For example, if that person doesn’t care about your growth or opportunities u still will love him if its unconditional love. The purest form of love is of our parents, who bring us to this world having no expectation at all… They just keep providing all the facilities they can, just to make us happy but they also scold us when we are wrong. There are many children who leave their parents at old age home or even kill them for some property issue but when that child is born every parent know that there is a risk that child may not turn out to be like the type they want but still they provide everything possible because they just show their love in every form possible without any expectation and that’s how pure love should be between two souls-love without expectations


How do you comprehend this statement (“If the relation is not productive, it’s not for you”) when it’s a husband and wife relationship? After working in US for 6 years, as my work authorization ceased, I was supposed to return to my home country and continue my employment but I couldn’t as my spouse was working and had more days to work. She would shut down or not willing to have a conversation on my fate living without a job. As a spouse she couldn’t understand that a man’s dignity is in being employed and a bread earner. I couldn’t work for about 4 years now and do not have visibility if I would ever be able to work as I am nearing the age of 48 years. I am finding it hard to keep up my job skills. I would be happy to compromise my career if my dignity was saved but I feel offended many times when she is careless about my reputation in my family or kids. I spend most of my time making food in kitchen for my family where I dont find any interest or appreciation. I feel like to leave my family and go back to my home country and do whatever Job I can or stay unemployed and continue my life as if I never had a family. I don’t know how to come out of this situation. Please advise.


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