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We met on tinder and it’s been two months since we have been talking to each other . Sometimes it feels like it’s okay to go with the flow but at the other times it seems like what will be the future ? What if I get attached? What if I dont get attached but he does ? There are always unsaid things which develop inbetween two people who remain engaged for a long time . This really makes me anxious. Sometimes happy but other times it’s really difficult to control the emotions and direct them in the right direction, not knowing what the “right direction “ is?

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Hey, see, please don’t take any impulsive decision and ghost him because you’re unclear and unsure about the future. Maybe you’ll lose someone really nice. I met her on tinder too but my things didnt go well. We met on tinder and talked whole night. I didnt asked her to meet or hang out because I might sound desperate. So as we all say ‘go with the flow’. And then comes the second wave of covid and we never met. She eventually ghosted me. Although I still miss her and wish I could have asked her out. If you ever want to stop yourself from associating with him then tell him straight that its not working between us and I think we should stop talking.

Also, if yours and his mentality(do not read it as goals/aims) matches then I think you should give it a try. Do not worry for the ‘long time’ if yours and his mentality matches then it will surely works out. Let me give an example- I’m highly ambitious and I’m never attracted to girls who just waste their time and never do anything. I always make sure that I do not fall for such girls.

Make your set of rules already defined that will work in long run.

I think this will help, good luck :)


Excellent advice . Thank you

rahul @rah234

Get to know about him as much as u can. If possible meet, else don’t set yr heart on him or anyone for this matter. Until things become clear dont. Turn ur heart into a stone, be pragmatic and rational and dont let emotions n impulsiveness get the better of u. Be serious.

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