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Raghu @raghu20

We loved each other and decided to get marry, before we talk to our parents they know anout us and due to family preassure we didnt talk some days.
After the lot of struggle finally i convienced her and also decided to convienence our parents
But i have a depressed feeling now bcse she is not with me in the same way we used to be in the past.she is nit showing any efforts for our relationship,just talking normal way saying i like you but seems to be very casual. I have to push so many things but she is not responding too much for that.
Now she is with me but i miss the old vibe😞
Iam feeling very depressed, what should i do….?

4 replies

I think you should clarify things with her just ask her what’s the matter

Raghu @raghu20

I did, She replied i like u but i dont have any special feelings ,i cant understand u ,i cant explain like you,if u dnt want to talk dont talk,i cant do anything for us


I think give urself a break khud ki importancr smjho and thoda door hojao don’t force her ki marry me and all agar kuch bad khud se ready hoti hai to thk hai otherwise forget her i know kehna asan hai but karna tough hai but isse tum apni self respect me rkhoge don’t just kneel down

Raghu @raghu20

Agar maine dhoor ho jathe tho whi sochthe hai ki maine uska chodadhiya samajkar.,poora mujse nahi bath kiya tho…??


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