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Nitesh @niranjannitesh

We live looking forward without knowing what ends, if any, are built into our actions. We can act with a certain goal in mind but we can never have the security that the action we take towards that goal will actually bring us closer to it. Even if there is predetermined meaning to what we do. We don’t have access to it until we are once again looking backward. Still, it seems that more than ever we are obsessed with heroic adventures. Not just as stories in films, but also as expectations in our life. we are increasingly occupied with turning our lives into adventures. we want our lives to be exciting and memorable. at the very least we want them to be meaningful.
We want them to have some sense of coherence and we tend to tell stories as such. as if we are heroes of our own adventures in which every framed as significant as a stepping stone to a greater purpose.

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I soo agree with everything you just said! It makes so much sense


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