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yolo patyy @lostnfound0091

We know the common philosophy “if you need things to work in your favour, just manifest” and manifest means taking little by little steps in everything that causes the results.
Where is mine?
I mean forget about result. With all detachment and just will raw intentions I seeking the chance to make things settle but I don’t see any door to knock on… I m forced to be stuck in this dark!
Where is my take I want to make a move why whenever I take chance something or the other intervene!
And when I share my this problem they say “trust the flow maybe it’s not the right time yet but eventually things will fall in place”
But why I’m still suffering in this process? There people I m answerable for why I’m not sorted with my situation yet!
Does this philosophy will be the great excuse to tell them???

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Hey, you gotta calm down I guess, going through the same and you know Unexpected things happens when you dont notice.

I think you must hv been stressing yourself over this philosophy a lot… Just go for a vacation, chill down, forget abt it.
Take some time off. Then get back and make a plan(of small steps) and work towards it.
Believe me u will do good. I believe that.

Also, why you have to answer to anyone. Be confident about what you want. Because we all hv seen stupid dreams coming true.

Take a breath and relax.
you might not understand it well. But all this wont matter in big picture.

Take care, love :)

yolo patyy @lostnfound0091

Nope, some situations are so real serious that taking vacation and all won’t work.
Having family of 3 and one being a Cancer patient and two us just being busy juggling with everyday life That 12hrs seems to be less. While another parent wants me to settle down for which I m working in as well… But things are not going the way they are suppose to be and ultimately I m answerable to my parents about why I can’t sort my. So again asking if these philosophy will great excuses to tell them why things are not falling in place for me and vacation on my own leaving my elderly parents alone with life mess… Nope 🙂


Understandable, m sorry…i didnt thought that it could be that difficult… you have to go with flow… dont worry things will be fine. Take a tiny step at a time


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