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We just got told my 15 year old sister is pregnant. She told dad, and they hid it from mom and us. Dad said he isnt excited, but he is telling all his friends and talking about her moving to be with the father of her child. He is upset that we are not happy. Mom had a baby at 14, and has always told us to be cautious. She isnt happy he and my sister are making all these plans. We may all have to move just so she can be with a guy she isnt even supposed to be with. She told mom she would be going to a girlfriends house. Mom wants them to break up coz theyre not responsible. Dad doesnt. There is alot of tension over her lies. My older brother moved out today because of the problems she is creating. We think dad knew she was seeing him and let her do it. That hurts because i am not allowed to have a boyfriend (9 months older than her). There is alot of arguing and tension. The whole thing isnt fair, and dad just wont listen

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I recommend focusing on yourself. If your sister wants to be irresponsible with not only her body but her future, then that is her decision. My sister ended up having a son and she hid her pregnancy from all of us. The guy who got her pregnant was an absolute jerk.

They moved in together and after her son was born, he barely had anything to do with him and wouldnt even hold him. They broke up, she moved back in with my parents and although my mom was happy she finally had a grandchild, my dad was angry - that she was so irresponsible and did not want anything to do with his grandson.

After both my parents passed away, my sister and her son cut ties with most of our family and is out on her own, penniless and refuses to speak to most of us.

That is her decision and even though it hurts to not have a sister anymore, I can only focus on my life and to improve myself as a person so I can only suggest the same for you - focus on your growth, dont worry about partners / boyfriends; that can happen later.


She makes it very hard to. I get teased alot in school because I cant date. Its all about her right now. He is down our throats about not being excited. Im not excited. We cant afford a baby. He wants to uproot us for her. New schools, new friends. Your dad sounds like my mom. She is angry and hurt coz she raised us better than that. Dad is all excited at having this baby. My older sister had one (not by choice) and he didnt care one bit. She is his favorite in many ways. My younger siblings keep talking about divorce. That mom is going to leave dad over all this. I cant blame her, really. We are afraid we will get stuck with him.

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