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Sidharth @ssranawat

We humans are strange…Knowing that a person would say he/she is fine irrespective of he/she is or not, we still ask that,“How are you”. It is because we have become habitual of that. We follow the same rat race…This sometimes drag the person from logical and own thinking…

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Micko Izicko @tixi



just don’t ask the person how they are doing… this might be hard coz we generally start conversation with that statement but trust me it’s even harder for the person who is replying to it… instead practice asking "Hi! Long time no see… what have you been upto lately? "… and if you are the one who is being asked " How are you? " then either reply honestly (if that person is close to you) or try to ignore that question and ask him something else… pretend like you didn’t hear that question if it’s hard to answer


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