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we have known each other from college and I have a very strong feeling for her for 3 years, I crave her so much that I want her as my Life partner, but she is committed to her school friend and they both are very serious (boys’ family knows it). She is a good friend of mine.

I know it’s wrong to have such feelings for own committed friend, I tried various times to forget her and my feeling, but after few weeks, when I talk to her/see her picture I feel again.
I don’t know how to move on or get her?

ps: I had never been in a relationship neither had such feelings before. She calls (audio/video) me every second day for her study. She is so comfortable with me.

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niti agti @aragni


its ok to feel like that. first thing, if she is commited then dont think of getting her. untill and unless someone is available, we should not do this. as per me ofcourse. secondly, u cant unlove someone but, u can always find ways to move ahead in life. focus on other things, a person made for you will definetly reach upto you.
u will be fine, work on ur other aspects of life and try and limit ur feelings for her. start slwly, u can do this.


thanks for your reply. I will try to move on.


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