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We had this silly argument when we hung up the phone i was really pissed coz why wouldn’t I be bhai. I agree with the maine mazaak main liya conversation but I was listening… he was like sunna hai sun warna bhaad main jaa. Kya hi tareeka hai yeh baat karne.ka…im so not gonna talk to him aaj…i really hope he realises his mistake . We’re supposed to meet tomorrow idk if we are gonna . I am pissed but i miss him also…idk what to do. Humesha end moment pe cheese kharab hoti hai. I really wanna see him. It’s been so long . but i don’t wanna ask him ki aaoge milne ya nahi. Nahi aaya toh kabhi baat nahi karni bhai maine…f*** this shit . I’m done running after. Kabhi toh tum bhi run karo yaar. Why doesn’t he miss me or feel the urge to talk to me…yeh kya drama hai…either u just pretend ki terko koi farak nahi padrha 😤😤

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