We don’t need free public transportation or a different coach in the metro. We don’t need a ‘ladies first’. We can lead a fucking life of our own. What we need is equality. What we need is no raised eyebrows when we talk about working after marriage or that we’ll come back late at night. It’s crazy how we have to plead for our equality in the very first place.

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I agree with it all except that till our cities are safer, we do need a ladies coach :/

Rashmi @rashmimalhotra

I second that✋


Equality is not served to us on a platter and we have to certainly fight for it a little hard and I know it gets exhausting. But for safety purposes we have to still  have a different coach in the metro. And moreover it’s a fight we have to keep doing but the time will change and we will breakthrough.

Khushboo @khushboo

Right, equality doesn’t come by providing free transportation and all. Equality is to treat all genders equal without any sort of discrimination. Remove gender norms and avoid to differentiate on the basis of gender.

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No one gives a fck unless your are female or rich😂

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What your opinion about jharkhand love jihad case?

hey you okay @_mahi_

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How many ppl think this is good option
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Anytime anywhere
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