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We broke up because of his family pressure yesterday i went somehow to see him just to know if he still miss me he stare at me until i went away from his sight even though he was looking and at the end of that shop corner while i was giving my sister my hand to help her then i saw him he was still looking at me his face seems so sad by looking at his face for a moment i feel like i could read his face like he still love me and care about me . I wanted to give him smiley face but i was unable to smile at that moment i don’t know why i was unable i still love him and care about him . His face seems sad that when he look at me i feel like i wanted to talk but somebody was around him for which is the reason why he couldn’t talk with me otherwise he would have talk with me…i am totally not okay but i am trying to move on but i will wait for him cause i was the one who gave him hope saying i will wait this 5 years until he come back here as soon he is going to japan also . I don’t know but i want some miracle to happen as we are contactless now it has been 5 days

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