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Now&Me @nowandme

We are here with yet another Talk Thursday, sharing circle 🥳🎉

Theme of this week: Lost Friendships and Making New Friends (P.s- You can use this platform to actually make new friends 👀)
When: 7th April (Thursday), 5:00-6:00pm IST
Facilitated by: @rajnandini99 & @kriti_rakheja
Where: Gmeet

If this is something you want to talk about, register on this link ⬇️🤗

P.S.- There are limited slots available for these sharing circles but don’t worry because we will have them every week 😄

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4 replies

I’ve lost my best friends of 7 years last years. I feel like I sort of drifted off I stopped having the same interests a lot of shit went down. I wanted some space. She ghosted me and when I try to reach out to just smooth things over and not necessarily be friends again I got the response: “I think we’re good”. I’m still very hurt and now just moved to a new country it seems to me that I lost the ability to make friends. It also seems like a family trait all my siblings too don’t seem to have lasting friendships. I’m just tired and lonely and practically going crazy

Layha @sylkie


I’m so sorry to hear (I know this is a bit of a cliche reply but I genuinely mean it). I understand how that feels. My best friend that I loved dearly (and always will) disappeared a few years ago, the last thing they ever said was that they promised we could hang out a few days after our last message. It’s been a while but I still wonder where they are, and I don’t know if something terrible happened because I never saw them again. So I totally understand how that feels and if you wanna chat, feel free to mention

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Shaifila @shaifila


Excited 🌻🌻


I want to join too😕
Form not accepting requests now. Or Please share link in mail


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