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Pholosho @blessing

We all had that moment. When you are in a quiet room or in your car, and “that” awful feeling crashes into your day. It feels like a truck just hit you.
It fills your gut. At the same time, it is an empty feeling…a void.
Your brain registers and you acknowledge it,
“Oh…I am alone.”
The god awful feeling of loneliness. Yeah, me too.
Living and dying alone is a great fear for most people. If not, it is their greatest fear.
Hell, it terrifies me more than I like to admit. After being in a committed relationship, and having it end due to my negligence…
I am familiar with the entity that is loneliness.
Especially, since everywhere I look…
Friends, family, and the whole world are getting engaged, married, and having children.
As for me?
Well…I’m here. Not where I want to be.
I miss those good morning and goodnight texts. I miss looking into the eyes of another and feeling home. I miss watching silly TV shows with another. I miss sharing meals. I miss being missed. I miss Love in general.
As I grow older and as my loneliness became “the norm.” I hear/read other people’s struggles of being alone. Many struggles, I can relate to.
I abundantly encounter phrases like,
“Why can’t I be loved?… Am I unlovable?…Maybe I deserve this…No one wants me because I am terrible…FOREVER ALONE.”
After hearing and saying all those things myself, I grew angry and tired of it.
I snapped.
To the lonely,
I ask you and I ask myself:
Why do you need another to make you feel good about yourself?
Why are you constantly searching for ONE human being to make you realize you are important?
Why do we believe the answer to self-worth is only validated by another individual?

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Everything you have written, resonates so much with me. I have been going through the same thing myself. We have just got to try and pick ourselves up, puff out our chests, and keep going, with the hope that one day, it will happen for us. We have to remember…life is too short to waste time of what could of been, or what will be. We have to play the best poker hand with what is dealt to us. Make your mark, don’t be a victim. X


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