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🕊✌🏼 @furyinside_404

We all ask each other “How are you doing” and the reply mostly goes like “I am doing well or thank you i am doing good how about you?”.

Who defines “well”?
What is good and how “good” is actually great? I always feel going the extra mile to ask a couple of extra questions won’t hurt.

Strange times. Sigh.

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Swotter @kskarthik

Its our conditioning. Count how many times you have a ‘not well’ answer. You see, if you show there is something wrong we might be considered week and that’s one reason we get this habit. But a novel thought though.


Koi Kambhakt puche sochti hu. But is bhaagti hui duniya mein kisko hi fursat.

Shoaib @shoaib

When some one asked me how are you doing i usually say i am good but in reality i am doing shitty but i don’t have any reason for it so to avoid such question


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