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We all are human beings
Oh Rich, Oh money ocean
Oh Rich, Oh Money visoners
You think money can be every thing,
No! No
Only money Doesn’t work
Bow Your visions
Purify your heart
Swell your thinking
You People are commiting and moving free
As the poor are threated like beggers of low degree
Bragging richness is your biggest glee
Sit cross leged consider themselves free.
Greedy and hungry
Like disease has caught a person
Hungry for money
You became mad dog and force on poor people .
You think we are everything
It is your narrow thinking
OH rich do justices.
Open your eyes
We are all human beings.
Do not go astray
We are all human beings
Alive today dead tomorrow
____Writer annunciator
©Mubashir Rehman Pedhar

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