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Want to love and be loved
I had a beautiful relationship, my bf was caring, loving n always been supporting during our relationship.i am not beautiful but still he accepted me as i am. 4 months ago he got married. At this tym i m 21 only n my family didn’t allowed me to marry now . As i am from a small village of haryana, my parents are so strict they gave me just 2 year to make my career after that incident. Now 5 months has passed nd now due to crona virus i can’t do anything. I feel low and scare about my future. At the same time i feel alone and want that love and care again. I want someone to love and to be loved. Sometimes found myself very low and alone. I want to take him back or i want someone else like him but no one is there

Post anonymously?

Hey there,
Don’t worry
In which field u wanna make ur career ??