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Harvey Spectre @harvey_spe...

Waking up and doing all the stuff and logging in to work from home is all he has been doing from the past year.
Bored of this he tries to talk to strangers on different social media and websites.
Makes a few friends virtually.
Talks with many people but doesn’t find anything what’s he looking for.
Even he was unsure what he wanted.
One day he gets connected to one of the strangers he has been talking to.
They get to know eachother. Both share everything.
They did late night video calls.
They shared intimate moments virtually.
They were unaware that whatever they were doing was monitored. The guy’s phone was hacked by someone.
Everything they did was being recorded by someone.

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DerekDGilbert @derekd


Anony Mouse @zapadoz

Wow does the story continues ?

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Harvey Spectre @harvey_spe...

It’s very short story

Anony Mouse @zapadoz



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