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Very recently I lost both my grandparents. It all happened between the course a week and it’s been very heavy ever since. No one can understand the grief and pain I’ve been going through. A lot of them have tried to normalize things around me but while doing so they forgot I wasn’t normal to begin with. I haven’t been the same, yes I’ve tried to be normal around them but that doesn’t mean I’m alright and they should know it. Three people more than others. They may have asked about my well being but they never took a second to really look into how I’m feeling. And when i told them about it, they took it upon themselves and made everything about them and not me. Like I’m blaming them, and then ignoring the crux of everything which is me not doing okay, they said that I believe that they aren’t enough. I know I should not expect this much and it’s not fair but i do expect because I could’ve done anything if it were them instead of me. It feels like I’ve lost everything so might as well suck this up and shut up about it.

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It seems like you have alot on your heart


Yes i do.


Loosing someone close to you is never a easy thing to deal with. What are some of the emotions you struggle with the m


The most


I feel incomplete and there’s nothing, absolutely nothing i can do about it. I wanted to feel better with some support of my friends which I couldn’t find either.


Incomplete? What is missing? I know your grandparents are no longer with us. That is one thing. Is it something that they use to say or do? Is it something that you use to do that you don’t do anymore? What is missing?


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