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hey, dw , everyone faces up and downs in life , you are definitely gonna be okay
just calm down and surround yourslf with ppl who love u
think whats causing u to feel so depressed and ask help from ppl u trust and if u cant solve the problem then leave it its not in your hands , you just stay calm

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Dhadkan @angel14

Hey dear…it’s ok…to feel low at times… don’t worry v r all here to support you 🤗😇🙏😚

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Hey donnat ,i hope u doing well .I know life is so tough for u right now.
dont be sad …good things will happen soon and best things will be stay there forever.
Remember everybody loves you. Problems comes in our life it troubling us we have to deal with Bcos of dat we get mature we became stronger .and u are getting stronger & mature than before really !

We can’t forget our loved ones but we can have some people on our life too.
Being with someone
in relationshipp makes u less _stressful ,happy loved .busy .
if u like someone u can ask her out(it’s ur choice)…

If U wanna share something regarding family issue u can share anytime .

Make your lifestyle so busy that u dont have enough time to think bad .

Sow one seed or plant and daily pour water to grow.&
feed street animals.🐂🐈🐕
It makes u happy.🌱trust me.
Do reply .🎈


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