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Rohit Dubey @imjustken09

Venting time :-

Hello again (jee dropper), study wise getting better alot , but still now confused for confessing the girl becuz she’s from.sainik school so u can think that things can be different , thought that if 19th india wins will confess otherwise let’s see cuz like it’s been 3 months the crush feeling is not going maybe she’s the one or again i am doing chutipanti who knows, nda prep is also going good academic wise good but other aspects not good , had a good physique once now don’t wanna go gym z had an argument with mother too hyper , hammered myself with an Eiffel tower artistic now , I don’t like she arguing with me told.her to ignore me if I get angry but now she won’t talk I don’t care , it’s afucked my parents should take a divorce nd I wana go live in a pg for god’s sake + masterbating is in control but i can’t stop it like in 3 4 days once it’s happening but i want to be free of it I can’t , got alot of frends but don’t know with whom should I share so here I am .
If you came till here thank you 🙏🏼

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