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Venting/ranting alert|

You know there are times you feel extremely lonely even if you are surrounded by people. Like your friends become strangers, you know them but you don’t. I have been feeling that ever since I don’t know how long. Maybe I give in too much but maybe that’s how I am, I make them my entirety either be it friends or relationship. And when, sometimes I don’t get a little value/appreciate in return, it upsets me extremely.
Maybe I don’t know how to maintain relationships, everyone seems so happy and chatty with each other (their own/other friends) and here I’m feeling left out. I suppose I don’t open my horizons and meet other people which in end makes me alone when the ones I count on are not around.
I just think I being naive and over emotional. I suppose I’m oversensitive and I don’t know how to overcome it.

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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant

Sometimes we expect too much out from someone, and that person does not even have any idea that you are expecting it. So, it’s really important to communicate, that sometimes, you also expect something from them even little appreciation can make someone’s day.
And even after the conversation, if you are not getting anything, then maybe you are not around the right people. You always need someone that you can rely on either family, friends. But until you find that someone, you can be your own best friend. You can write your thoughts, feel free to post here anonymously, or however you want to let those feeling out.


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