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Vent time…
Hiieee y’all
Aaj ka din was bahot jyada hi wahiyat tha yk like idk kya tha but jo bhi tha na I just don’t wanna ever experience that AGAIN… literally like it was yk a sort of roller coaster of different emotions, I felt as if ek dost nhi h mera and idk why I had this feeling ki sab bas mere se kaam ke liye hi dosti krte h and nobody genuinely wants to be my friend. And when I say this ki I don’t have any friends then they show as if they care alot bout me, why double standards man. Like seriously not even a single person has done something for me obviously other than family, it’s not like ki main chahti hu ab wo care kare but ab koi bolta bhi h na ki wo care krte h n blah blah blah… main believe hi nhi kr paati unpe itne trust issues hogye h na kya hi btau…
At one point of time in my life I wanted someone ki jisko main bhot saari baate batau but tb koi nhi tha and ab koi puchta h toh mujhe smjh nhi aata ki kya btau… itna jyada hi independent nhi banna tha mujhe… kahi bhi Bahar jana hota h akele chali jati hu, then so called friend bolte h you would have asked us ham chalte saath, but ab habit hogyi h yarrr

If anyone’s reading abhi tak, So I wanted to ask like mera ye behavior okay h ya need to change accordingly??

Please positive response dena yarr(already had a hectic day) , otherwise ignore maar do

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it’s okay to be this way. just be yourself, you don’t need to change yourself just to please others.


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