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Aakifah @kifah

Usually I am busy so I don’t really get time to think about why my life is so stressful but now that I am at home and free that’s all I can think about
I think I cry like more than twice a day

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Nothing wrong with that express you self let it out not Wrong to cry


This is a platform for people to share and express, you go ahead and express all you want .
To be honest even i am sad all the time. I prefer sitting on silence ,i have sad thoughts and listen to sad songs every single day, every day feels pointless to me ,i start crying too, i feel lost and its okayy , the good part is i know that this won’t last for a long time. Youre getting closer to your good time , dont let these small thunderstorms scare you. Its okayy,it’ll all be okay…!!! Have a little faith…!!

Aakifah @kifah


Thank you 💗


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