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Cmz @cmx

Urge to cry but still something holding me up so bad

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ayushi @ayushi08

I feel that but I engage myself in something I enjoy and if it still doesn’t work I just cry cuz you just have to let all of the pressure out.

Cmz @cmx

Yes i try my best to distract myself, doing it from so long right now that enjoying doing something for me is just an escape from pain at this point . I don’t really feel enjoyment doing anything… i want to cry so bad but it just doesn’t come out idkyyy , the pain is haunting me so much inside & it’s super exhausting still feeling so numb out😩😩

ayushi @ayushi08

hey if you ever wanna talk it out remember this is where we can share from our heart and i m always up for a chat just add me up.

Cmz @cmx

Yess i would loveee to🥺❤❤

ayushi @ayushi08

you can add me here on the app and we can talk


I know right! Sometimes I feel blank

Cmz @cmx


This thought has been deleted by the thought author

Cmz @cmx

It’s like m bleeding from inside but not able to get it outt, hardly few drops coke though i just want to hug someone and cry… 🫂🫂thank youu


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