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Asunder @asooh

Upset. I live with my grandma, older brother, uncle and younger brother. I do everything at home. Sometimes i just wanna stay in my room the whole day but i can’t because i have responsibilities, people are hungry, they made a mess that i have to clean and my lil brother is practically being raised by me. Im tired, i don’t wann take care of anyone, I don’t wanna have so many responsibilities. A part of me feels bad for feeling that way.

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Hey aren’t your parents around ? I know it feels really bad when you have to take all the responsibilities but I hope you are taking care of your career too and I really hope things get fine for you sooner

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Asunder @asooh

Thanks… Im studying part time and im left with two years to finish my degree. My mom lives in the city and we live in a small town. This situation has made me bitter but i guess ill wait two years and then be outta here .


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