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i have been in a relationship for last 3 years and i have never been so happy before. After a year i went to another country for my higher studies and he continued his job in india. Moving to a foreign land, all alone, living on your own is not easy at all and i used to miss him a lot. Unfortunately i cheated on him once but it happened only and only because of my emotional need nothing else,infact i never even imagined that such thing would happen one day. After a few months i gathered the courage and confessed to him. obviously he was shattered emotionally but he forgave me after taking his time and everything went back to normal. After 15-16 months he started acting very insecure. getting furious on small things and bringing that past mistake in each and every argument. Once i casually sent him a picture of a random,unknown boy from reels of instagram and said i like his beard and all of a sudden he accused me of so many things. ‘who knows you may cheat on me again’,‘there must be good looking boys in your university,will you fall for them too’ and so on. We were already having many unresolved issues because of lack of proper ways and privacy to communicate like once i asked him to lend me some money and said i will return it in a week but he got furious and said i am not your bank. It hurt me really badly because i have very strong morals to never depend on someone for my leisure or expenses. He once came to meet me in abroad and i split the expenses in equal parts. He doesn’t forget to mention this thing in arguments and every time i ask to meet him or go on a vacation he clearly says he won’t travel anywhere. if i want to meet him i will have to go to where he lives. we haven’t talked for more than a week and i did not get his single text. I don’t know what to do anymore. He is really a good guy but it seems we have changed as an individual and we can’t continue long distance relationship

Post anonymously?

He doesn’t seem like a nice guy I’m sorry. He seems a bit immature, always bringing that back, and as he keep bringing it back I’m not sure he’s forgiven you. You deserve better. Maybe write him a letter and tell him how you feel ? IDK hope this helps!


ok i will try it. i really hope he will understand my perspective. Thank you so much for reading so long paragraph, i once thought of deleting it as i assumed no one has time to read it all


Maybe he doesn’t have money and u have lot of it so he is forcing himself to be with u and u know why he is accusing u because he knows u have better options than him to choose anyone u like this is the truth Eve though it is sour he like Ur money give him some money without him asking u he will ge very good to u and act so lovingly boys are like this