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Unpopular opinion: Boys too have mood swings. Here is a justification👇🏻

This girl, I met her on discord and now we’ve exchanged numbers and all. We talk constantly but our ideology/mindset is not similar so I just feel like stop talking to her at all and carry on with my stuff. But again, sometimes I feel I should just text and her and talk as if nothing happened. It’s just that I know my limits so I’m able to control my emotions and impulsive decisions. We are still connected but I don’t feel like talking to her. IDK how’s it going and how its gonna end up. I mean she is very nice, patient and humble and I accept that I sometimes get rude(I also apologised to her) but I cannot handle this anymore. I think I’m faking out my personality. We haven’t met yet and not even possible because we are 1000 KMs apart. We barely talk on calls, its just normal texting.

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