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Unfair, fcking unfair, my 2-month-old kitten went missing for half a day and just saw her corpse beside the road near my house, possibly roadkill. I hate it. I hate how I didn’t do anything I wasn’t there to protect her or even prevent it. I hate how its fcking quarantine and you can easily step on break or just even slow down, but still manage to kill a crossing kitten fck sht.
I know some may say that it’s only a kitten/cat, but I don’t think it as that way I treat her like a part of my family, saw her when she was an infant smaller than my palms then see her grow just to end up like that fck sht.

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i’m so so so so sorry for your loss, i can only imagine how you must be feeling. i have a little pet of my own too, and they’re closer than family. im sure your heart must be in a million little pieces and nothing i can say can help heal that. but just knowing that your baby is in a better place, may help. i know this is hard, and i hope you find the strength to recover from this…you’re not alone, and certainly not the only one.

life can be so hard and so cruel sometimes, it is just so strange…this is really heartbreaking to hear, and i share your grief, and i hope that that helps you feel better.

sending you love, peace and strength, it’ll be alright. a part of your heart will always be missing. but it is better to have loved and lost, than to never have love at all, i guess?

take care dear


It is rather heartbreaking. I hope the kitty rests in peace .She’ll will be looking down from heaven and see how lucky she was to have you as her human.


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