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Uncommon opinion.
Body shape doesn’t matter, but weight does because it determines your health. It’s not about image. It’s about health. If you are underweight or overweight you will get health issues. That’s why we have a BMI chart. Not to define perfect body. But to define the healthy weight of a human being. And not being able to lose/gain weight because of an illness is not that common. “It’s generics” also doesn’t excuse you. We don’t need a “accepted body image” or “body positivity”. We need healthy people. Prove me wrong!

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Bani Singh @banisinghvasir

Hey there!
You know, a while back I had similar doubts regarding the outlook of the body-positivity movement. I had read about how it promoted an unhealthy lifestyle and I started to question the merit of the movement.

But when I read even further, I realised what they were really aiming to say with the BoPo movement. Often, people who don’t look a certain way, are treated less equally or importantly in many spheres of their life (personal or professional), which let’s agree, is unfair.
Additionally, there are a lot of genetic predispositions which cause people to have a certain body type, no matter how much or how less they eat.

Therefore, the whole idea is to not judge someone based on their body type. And at times, also their eating habits, because those may stem from a place of deep discomfort or mental health concerns.

Essentially, we are no one to judge anyone. And no one is undermining the importance of a healthy lifestyle. But no two bodies are the same, and that’s something we should all learn to be okay with!


True!! I am currently struggling and fighting ED😞 i know we can do this !!


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