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umm…today I accidently had seen him mutual friend’s snap which was sent to me…he was drinking beer i think so and roaming in car around here and there…
as usual I felt bad there were many emotions and thoughts running through my head…like
I was angry at first that why is he doing this ?? I told him to quit…and then I was worried about him what if he couldn’t handle himself and he is probably sad or etc etc so he wanted an escape…
and then he was chilling and smiling…I thought he is happy now…umm so let him be…

pehele esa hota tha chinta hoti thi to pata krti thi theek h ki nhi ya kya hua kya nahi…phir esa hone lga kuch pata nhi krti thi but chinta hi krti rehti thi…aaj peheli baar laga…let him be…does whatever he wants…he is an individual…he will make mistakes…learn and then grow…
even if jaanboojhke bheji gyi ho taaki me baat kru yaa esa kuch…even then I won’t do it…I will let myself consider that he is happy without me…That’s it ! unka khush rehna matter krta hai

or btw I was quite angry…ki vese to exams chlrhe ghr se nhi niklte but in sbke liye…nice !!! but theek hai…I just want ye drinking or ye sb chorke smjhe ki ye sb kharab hai barbaad hi kregi…I left him coz he said…me hum dono ka future barbaad krrhi hu…that is why I just umm…I called it quits after that night…

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Koi na it happens …u wanna connect ?


Alexa play ~ kya mujhe pyaar hai…


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