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Umm… I got a problem . I eat a poop and somehow i feel like i lost my humanity .

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Listen it is a serious issue…tell your parents or school teachers whosoever you are more comfortable with. Don’t ever say again you are pathetic. They are pathetic who made you do this. Don’t feel ashamed…you just inform your parents/Principal and watch. it will be tough for you still do speak up so its not repeated to other kids…motivate other innocent kids like you to also complaint. It is very serious these bully can be thrown out of school/college

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Avtar @avtar


Hey listen- whatever you did its become your past now and whatever you are doing now will impact your future so try to live in present only first thing

Second- do let your closest one to know whatever happened

Dekho tunhare pas abi 2 raste h ek ye ki tum apne parents ko btao ya kisi doctor se milo so that you will find a solution through which you may come out from this situation okay

And the second way tum tabi follow kr skte ho agr tum khud m apne ap ko bohat strng maan te ho in this scenario just focus on your comming life and learn from your past mistakes to live in a better to protect your future for that you should live in present without thinking what happened in past and without fear for future.


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